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Johana 14:6 Isuan a hnenah, “Keimah hi kawng leh thutak leh nunna ka ni; keimaha kal lo chu tumah Pa hnenah an thleng ngai lo. Kir-hareseth: see Kir Kir, in the Bible. 1 Unidentified land to which Tiglathpileser III banished the Syrians, credited by Amos as the original home of the Aramaeans (see Aram).2 Place in Moab, identified with Kir-haraseth, Kir-hareseth, Kir-haresh, and Kir-heres. Click the link for more information. (2. A Prophecy Against Moab A prophecy against Moab:Ar in Moab is ruined,destroyed in a night!Kir in Moab is ruined,destroyed in a night! Dibon goes up to its temple,to its high places to weep;Moab wail Bible Verses is a photograph by Victoria Kir which was uploaded on September 21st, 2013.

Kir bible

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It is also the location from which the Arameans are said to have originated from 9:7). Isaiah 22:6 mentions it along with Elam. Kir (Heb. qɩ̂r) 1. The place to which the Assyrian king Tiglath-pileser III deported Syrian (Aramean) peoples after destroying Damascus in 732 b.c.e. (2 Kgs. 16:9 MT; cf.

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Meaning: The meaning of Kir is "inclosure" or "walled place," and it is therefore doubtful whether it is a place-name in the true sense of the word. Kir (kûr), in the Bible.

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• Apr 18, 2020. 463. 18. Share. Save. 463 / 18  Twelve hundred chariots, and Phut, and he came to Mareshah Bible.

In 2 Kings 16:9 it is mentioned as the place whither Tiglath-pileser IV carried the Syrian (Aramean) captives which he deported from Damascus after he had taken that city. A strong city of Moab; called also Kir-hareseth, Kir-haresh, and Kir-heres, Isaiah 15:1; 16:7,11; Jeremiah 48:31.
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Kir bible

A strong city of Moab; called also Kir-hareseth, Kir-haresh, and Kir-heres, Isaiah 15:1; 16:7,11; Jeremiah 48:31.

Today the city of Kir in Jordan is called Kerak. Kerak is located in southwestern Jordan  The Kir'Shara was an ancient Vulcan artifact containing the writings of Surak. The Syrrannites believed that the Kir'Shara would be found in or near the T' Karath Bible • Book of the Kosst Amojan • Book of the People • In this essay we will explore six Hebrew words that mean “wall” (chomah, kir, shur, cheil The word kir in the sense of “wall” appears about 74 times in the Bible.
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“Kir of Moab ” means fortress of Moab. Kir of Moab : one of the two chief strongholds of Moab, the other being Ar of Moab.

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Mesopotamian city from which the Syrians migrated to Damascus and back to which they were later exiled by the Assyrians (Am 1:5; 9:7).