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Similar words: conspiracy , innocuous , promiscuous , suspicious , continuous , incongruous , conscious , consciously . How To Use Conspicuous In A Sentence? Most conspicuous is the fact that the element hydrogen has no place in the table. He had not brought her there to hear speeches or to be conspicuous in the glare of lights. It had not been a conspicuous withdrawal, for she was very busy and had little time for These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. is not responsible for their content. English That too is conspicuous by its absence.

Conspicuous in a sentence

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🔊 Examples of using Conspicuousin a sentence and their translations Don't be too conspicuous, understand? Jangan terlalu mencolok, mengerti? If the situation … 2021-04-07 High quality example sentences with “a conspicuous position” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English Adjective (-) (obsolete) Not conspicuous; inconspicuous *{{quote-book, year=1861, author=, title=Utilitarianism, chapter=, edition= citation, passage=All the grand sources, in short, of human suffering are in a great degree, many of them almost entirely, conquerable by human care and effort; and though their removal is grievously slow—though a long succession of generations will perish in conspicuous by his absence. — Book III, 76; Lord John Russell, alluding to an expression used by him ("Conspicuous by his absence") in his address to the electors of the city of London, said, "It is not an original expression of mine, but is taken from one of the greatest historians of antiquity". Tags: absence Translations in context of "CONSPICUOUS" in english-croatian.


Thomas Cromwell, afterwards Earl of Essex, a conspicuous enough The sentence was carried into effect on Tower Hill on the 28th of July of the same year. Sverre was conspicuous by his absence. However, rather than being forgotten, he got his own b I enjoyed this book a lot, but my subjective problems with the  25 juli 2017 — The sentences for practising white magic were usually milder than for a conspicuous feature, with 68 and 31 persons accused respectively.

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1Clearly visible.

The notice must be displayed in a conspicuous place. 5. It was an age of conspicuous consumption — those who had money liked to display Here are some examples. Sentence Examples. Since then, the earl had seen people dying in the great plague, the clergy conspicuousby its absence.
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Conspicuous in a sentence

Among the most conspicuousof the first colonisers at Mount St Helens was the common raven, known to eat almost anything, including carrion. One patient showed conspicuous improvement of both oxygenation and carbon dioxide elimination; however, he was disconnected from the oscillator due to brain death. From the Cambridge English Corpus The eyes were directed nearly horizontally as the insects concerned are conspicuous . Conspicuous in a sentence | conspicuous example sentences We have granted you a conspicuous victory.

The gymnast’s contortion allowed us to see the full extent of her flexibility. 🔊 When my back went out, I walked stooped over in a contortion for nearly a week. 🔊 The acrobat’s skills of contortion allowed her to fit into the magician’s tiny box.

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| Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples English words and Examples of Usage use "conspicuous" in a sentence This dispensed with the (very conspicuous) white circle of the "day" marking. Retrieved on 12 September 2007.

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He was as conspicuously deficient in the statesmanship as he was in the oratorical genius of such men as Flood, Plunket or Grattan. Example sentences for "conspicuous" in popular movie and book plots.