IS Can™ - 1kg pre-filled disposable carbon dioxide absorber


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CO2 Absorbers; Search Within Results. Filters. Manuf / Supplier. Alaska Structures (1) Allied Healthcare Products (3) Intersurgical (3) Molecular Products Inc (2) Intersurgical’s IS Can™ is een 1kg voorgevulde disposable CO2 absorber. De IS Can is compatibel met GE Healthcare® anesthesietoestellen; Aisys®, Aespire® en Avance® en ook de GE ADU® toestel en is beschikbaar met de keuze voor Sphersorb™ of LoFloSorb™ absorber. Drum Absorber Kartusche 1kg, Füllung: Spherasorb: 2196000: IS Can: 1kg Einwegabsorber mit Spherasorb Atemkalk. Zur Anwendung mit GE® Anästhesie-Geräten: Aisys®, Aespire®, Avance® und ADU® 2199001: AbCan™ Spherasorb CO2-Absorber für den Einmalgebrauch, Farbumschlag weiß zu violett Absorber, carbon-dioxide - Product Code BSF: Product: The IS Can Disposable CO2 absorber x 6 --- Carbon Dioxide absorbent for use on GE rebreathing systems --- Manufactured in the United Kingdom for: Intersurgical Incorporated --- 417 Electronics Parkway, Liverpool, NY 13088.

Intersurgical co2 absorber

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It is required that the color change is used in conjunction with the monitoring of carbon dioxide. The AbCan™ - 1.1 L pre-filled disposable carbon dioxide absorber. 2199001. AbCan, Spherasorb™ disposable CO2 absorber, white to violet colour change, 1.1L.

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MHRA reference: 2020/008/020/487/001  23 Nov 2010 Dräger offers with Drägersorb a high-quality soda lime for the absorption of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other acidic gases.For more information  INTERSURGICAL INTERSORB 408 INTERSURGICAL INTERSORB PLUS CO2 ABSORBER SINGLE – USE CARTRIDGE (WITH DRÄGERSORB 400). CO from CO2 absorber.

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LoFloSorb has a long history of use within anaesthesia and meets all the requirements of the United States and British Pharmacopoeias. Aisys®, Avance®, Aespire®, Carestations® are all trademarks of General Electric Company. Call Us. Medical professionals, medical facility employees 855.571.2100. Need help with SupplyManager? 800.422.0280.

AbCan, Spherasorb™ disposable CO2 absorber, pink to white colour change, 1.1L. For use with the Getinge® (formerly Maquet®) Anesthesia Delivery Systems, Flow-i™ C20, C30, C40, Flow-C™ and Flow-E™) 2199003: AbCan, LoFloSorb™ disposable CO2 absorber, green to violet colour change, 1.1L. Intersurgical (3) Molecular Products Inc (2) Allied Healthcare Carbolime Carbon Dioxide Absorbent. Manufacturer: Allied Healthcare Products. Compare Absorberkalk A complete range of medical grade carbon dioxide absorbents and standard soda lime, that meet all clinical requirements and safety needs within anaesthesia. The products can be provided in either loose fill or various pre-filled options.
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Intersurgical co2 absorber

The products can be provided in either loose fill or various pre-filled options. Spherasorb™ - medical grade soda lime 2183005 LoFloSorb IS Pac, disposable CO2 absorber Green to violet colour change.

Intersorb Plus™ - soda lime for medical use. Loose fill options - 1kg bag and 5L  Intersurgical's IS Can™ is a 1kg pre-filled disposable carbon dioxide absorber.
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Intersurgical’s IS Can™ is a 1kg pre-filled disposable carbon dioxide absorber. The IS Can is compatible with GE Healthcare® anaesthetic machines; Aisys®, Aespire® and Avance® and also the GE ADU® machine and is available with a choice of Sphersorb™ or LoFloSorb™ absorbent. Intersurgical produziert Atemkalk und CO2-Absorber, die alle klinischen Bedürfnisse und Sicherheitsanforderungen erfüllen, erhältlich als loses Granulat und in vorgefüllten Einweg-Absorbern.

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Forgot Username or Password? Login Tags Insert the AbCan absorber ports up into the corresponding machine ports so that the AbCan sits vertically. 22mm self sealing T-piece English (your language) 01 The AbCanTM.